From beginning to end, our life is filled with milestones.

We come together to mark these milestones. Whether filled with joy, or laden with sadness … these are the moments in our life where meaning is gained, and life is enriched in remembrance of the moment.

Some of these are obvious. Some aren’t.

As an InterFaith ministry, Oasis of the Heart is here for you to help you mark moments such as these:

Baby Blessings

There is such joy in this moment! Whether you choose to hold it in intimacy, or share it with the world – make it an unforgettable expression of your love.

We’ll help you wrap your baby in the promise of a beautiful life, infused with the spirit of your beliefs.


We may say otherwise, but we are never fully prepared for these moments. Where in an instant, something is now missing in our lives … and all we seek is meaning.

Let us help you honor your loved one, celebrate a life well-lived, and begin to bring you peace in closure.


Times may change, but standards must remain. And weddings are still the most public statement of who you are, and the spiritual beliefs you share.

A statement to the world that supports the traditions of your heritage, or that forges heartfelt new ones.


So many moments in our lives that become milestones! Whether it’s the promotion, the birthday, or maybe just welcoming home the inner child in you.

They all yearn to be seen, to be heard, to be blessed. Let us help enrich them as the treasures they are.

Let us know how we can best be in service for these, and other life events celebrations that can so significantly enrich our lives.

We begin by sitting down together and sharing our humanity. The values and traditions that are held in common between you and those you love, as well as those that differ. From there, we can begin to celebrate both the unity and the diversityand how that can present in ritual with the greatest love for all of you.


Join us.

Spiritual Counsel

We’re here for you.

Caregiver Support

You’re not alone.

Rites Of Passage

Life’s milestones.