For when you really just need to be seen, heard, and centered.

A natural part of our life experience is trying to make sense of our own unique purpose, in order to better give our life meaning. We are born from a Sacred pulse, nurtured through literally hundreds of religious and philosophical movements. Along the way, many of us have lost our faith communities, or in some cases … our faith. Our knowing that there is something greater than us that sustains us in times of stress. We’re here to listen.

We understand that none of us plans for these moments, and that we all have our preferred ways of communicating. We are blessed to have so many ways to connect!

If we’re online and you have a quick question, please use our live chat capability here … or message, voice or video call us on our Facebook page.

If it’s something more involved, let’s schedule a call. We recommend either connecting with Zoom, or by phone.

Of course, if you’re local to us, in person is wonderful! We’re here to help.


Join us.

Spiritual Counsel

We’re here for you.
Caregiver Support
You’re not alone.
Rites Of Passage
Life’s milestones.