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Constance really offers ways for anyone to change their life, if they are willing to invest the time in themselves. The class has done that for me, and more. She and her partner James often give different perspectives on the same topic, so there is always something to think about. Highly recommend!

Ventura, CA

We also cannot recommend highly enough the classes regularly being offered by our dear friends at One Spirit Learning Alliance in NYC.

If you're not local to them, the good news is that the majority of them are available live for distance learning, and are also available for download.

We hope you'll check them out!

Well worth a look as well is the information on their InterFaith Seminary and InterSpiritual Counseling programs.


We'll be adding new classes and workshops regularly, some our own, others that we are happy to curate for you ... and all with a special focus on those that are distance-learning accessible.